I failed

My last blog was almost 2 years ago ….. 2 YEARS !!! I had to re-read it as I’d forgotten what I’d said.  Anyway as the title says I failed, I never did get the notebook, nor did I get more organised. In fact I got less organised, our lives got busier than ever planning a house extension, our dog had puppies, we went on numerous holidays and all the other hectic family shenanigans that come with a large brood took over our life.  I always promise myself that I’ll slow down, not take on so much but it just never happens, so I clearly just need to manage it rather than fight it. 

So there you go, that’s my second blog post, I’ll come up with something more interesting next time ( I hope) and hopefully make this  for me and re-discover what I enjoy.

Much love

Sarah xx


My first blog ever

What can I say. I’m a 30 something mum of 3 who has that much stuff going on in my head it may be a good idea to start writing it all down. One day it may actually make sense !! Once I get the hang of this that is. My spelling will be atrocious. My grammar debatable and I will probably waffle on more than I should. Hey it’s my blog though right ?!?!

My life is crazy busy, somedays I don’t know whether I’m here nor there and really REALLY need to start writing things down. I’m constantly late, constantly stressed and constantly ranty. My resolution for this year was to be more organised. I don’t tend to make resolutions but my organisation skills really aren’t great. I’m trying, it’s not working somedays BUT I’m trying.

Right, after the above confession this weeks task …. Buy a notebook, I tried writing notes in the reminders on my phone once. Not my best idea as my phone is constantly flat therefore the reminders are useless !!! I’ll let you know how that works for me at a later date.

I shall stop my waffling now and reserve the rest of my drivvle for another day. I’m feeling quite liberated already with this mini blog so here’s hoping more blogging will be just the release my bursting brain needs.

Bye for now